Official Bare-Science domains

Bare-Science owns three domains: bare-science.com, bare-science.org and barescience.org. Any official e-mails or web sites will be associated with these domains. Please contact us immediately if you become aware of any sites or emails spoofing Bare-Science. In some cases, we may be able to get unauthorized accounts or sites terminated.

What is Bare-Science’s purpose? Why should I contribute?

Our goal is to raise the quality of science and scientific publication by connecting and increasing the dialog amongst researchers all around the world. When you contribute your opinion and rating about papers, you can help highlight good and solid research, which does not always come in the highest profile journals with the most visibility. Or you can help other researchers identify what type of problems have been previously encountered with this same publication and may prevent them from wasting time and resources on something that others have already identified is not reproducible.

Who can make an account?

Anyone with an academic domain can create an account. We strive to keep our list of domain as complete as possible. If for some reason your institution’s domain is not recognized, please contact us through the website’s contact form and, if validated, we will include your institutions’ domain in our list of accepted domains.

Do I need to rate and comment or can I choose?

We provide two categories of entries into the website: Comments or Questions. If posting a question, you will not be required to rate. However, if you choose to Comment, you are required to rate at least one of the rating categories and write a comment. You may not rate without commenting about your rating. This helps others understand your decision for your rating.

Are all rating categories required?

No, you are required to rate at least one category and welcome to rate as many as you would like.

Are all rating categories weighted equally into a paper’s overall rating?

Yes. All categories are weighted equally as long as they have been included in a user’s rating. This means, no categories that have not been rated will be weighted into the average.

Can I alert people about a comment?

Yes, you can use the share button to either obtain the link to the publication and associated comment or directly connect to your social media of choice.

What sort of comments are allowed/prohibited?

We encourage polite and constructive discussions about the relevant publication and its scientific content. Any inappropriate comments and personal accusations about authors are highly discouraged and may be taken down and Bare-Science’s discretion. To reference other papers, please resort to quoted references, pubmed IDs, or links to other Bare-Science comments.