About Bare-Science

Bare-Science is a platform that crowd-sources information about published research articles and makes it available to academics all over the world. We believe this will increase communication amongst researchers and help keep them informed about the quality and usefulness of published results to speed up the scientific process and progress.

The pressure to publish in the academic world has lead to an outpour of publications, which are impossible to keep track. Furthermore, many low quality papers create a lot of noise that obscures great research, which is not always published in the most visible venues. Meanwhile, such high-visibility venues oftentimes contain articles with non-reproducible high-profile claims, which slow down researchers trying to build on such results.

Rating papers on Bare-Science and explaining the rationale behind your rating can help other researchers find high quality papers you have encountered and rated highly. Alternatively, if you have found issues with a paper you can help other researchers from wasting time and resources or perhaps get an elucidating explanation from the authors as well as others in your field of work.

With an academic e-mail address you can register at Bare-Science and start rating papers based on one or all of the following categories: reproducibility, novelty, clarity, data availability and relevance. Alternatively, you can always search for papers and find out how others have already rated them.

The platform aims to improve the quality of research across all fields of academia. Irrespective of whether you work in biological, social or hard sciences, are invited to join in.

Suggestions on how to improve the platform to better fulfill its goal of elevating the quality of research are always welcome. Please use this contact form.

If you would like to hear one of our co-founders presenting this initiative, check out the video below:

Bare-Science talk at WORLD.MINDS Symposium 2016