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A survey on deep learning in medical image analysis
Litjens Geert, Kooi Thijs, Bejnordi Babak Ehteshami, Setio Arnaud Arindra Adiyoso, Ciompi Francesco, Ghafoorian Mohsen, van der Laak Jeroen A.W.M., van Ginneken Bram, Sánchez Clara I.
Medical Image Analysis, 2017-12-01; 42, 60-88
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Genomic architecture and evolution of clear cell renal cell carcinomas defined by multiregion sequencing
Gerlinger Marco, Horswell Stuart, Larkin James, Rowan Andrew J, Salm Max P, Varela Ignacio, Fisher Rosalie, McGranahan Nicholas, Matthews Nicholas, Santos Claudio R, Martinez Pierre, Phillimore Benjamin, Begum Sharmin, Rabinowitz Adam, Spencer-Dene Bra...
Nature Genetics, 2014-02-02; 46(3), 225-233
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NONCODE 2016: an informative and valuable data source of long non-coding RNAs
Zhao Yi, Li Hui, Fang Shuangsang, Kang Yue, wu Wei, Hao Yajing, Li Ziyang, Bu Dechao, Sun Ninghui, Zhang Michael Q., Chen Runsheng
Nucleic Acids Research, 2015-11-19; 44(D1), D203-D208
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Multiparametric Classification Links Tumor Microenvironments with Tumor Cell Phenotype
Gligorijevic Bojana, Bergman Aviv, Condeelis John
PLoS Biology, 2014-11-11; 12(11), e1001995
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Inhibitors of PEX14 disrupt protein import into glycosomes and kill Trypanosoma parasites
Dawidowski M., Emmanouilidis L., Kalel V. C., Tripsianes K., Schorpp K., Hadian K., Kaiser M., Mäser P., Kolonko M., Tanghe S., Rodriguez A., Schliebs W., Erdmann R., Sattler M., Popowicz G. M.
Science, 2017-03-30; 355(6332), 1416-1420
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Comparison of clustering methods for high-dimensional single-cell flow and mass cytometry data
Weber Lukas M., Robinson Mark D.
Cytometry Part A, 2016-12-01; 89(12), 1084-1096
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Risk factor-dependent dynamics of atopic dermatitis: modelling multi-scale regulation of epithelium homeostasis
Dominguez-Huttinger E., Ono M., Barahona M., Tanaka R. J.
Interface Focus, 2013-02-21; 3(2), 20120090-20120090
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The ecology of cancer from an evolutionary game theory perspective
Pacheco J. M., Santos F. C., Dingli D.
Interface Focus, 2014-06-20; 4(4), 20140019-20140019
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Erythroid Progenitor Cells Expanded from Peripheral Blood without Mobilization or Preselection: Molecular Characteristics and Functional Competence
Filippone Claudia, Franssila Rauli, Kumar Arun, Saikko Leena, Kovanen Panu E., Söderlund-Venermo Maria, Hedman Klaus
PLoS ONE, 2010-03-02; 5(3), e9496
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Optimized perturbation theory
Stevenson P. M.
Physical Review D, 1981-06-15; 23(12), 2916-2944
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