Multiparametric Classification Links Tumor Microenvironments with Tumor Cell Phenotype

Gligorijevic Bojana, Bergman Aviv, Condeelis John
PLoS Biology, 2014-11-11; 12(11), e1001995
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Exemplary work in cancer biology

by Olga, 25 Jun 18:47

This is a beautiful paper that combines sophisticated experimental techniques with machine learning predictions. A true systems biology paper with meaningful conclusions for the field of cancer biology. It investigates the effects of invadopodia (membrane protrusions that metastatic cells develop that contribute to their motility and help degrade the extracellular matrix) on metastasis development.

I have not tried to replicate the results from this paper so I cannot give my opinion on this but overall I thought this paper was a gem, innovative in its methodology and very well written.

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