The ecology of cancer from an evolutionary game theory perspective

Pacheco J. M., Santos F. C., Dingli D.
Interface Focus, 2014-06-20; 4(4), 20140019-20140019
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Great insights into the dynamics of tumor development through in silico testing

by Olga, 01 May 15:46

This paper is a very nice example of a typical mathematical biology paper. It does a nice job of generating biological hypotheses about the interaction of tumor cells and their microenvironment. This is done through mathematical modeling which is essence is not new but its application to cancer biology is still innovative compared to more traditional experimental approaches. Unfortunately these in silico studies are still too few making this paper quite relevant in my opinion. It would be a much stronger paper if it employed some real data in validation experiments of their model, but prepares the ground for those who might be interested in doing so. It is a well-written paper that does not make any revolutionary promises but what it proposes to do it does well.

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