Risk factor-dependent dynamics of atopic dermatitis: modelling multi-scale regulation of epithelium homeostasis

Dominguez-Huttinger E., Ono M., Barahona M., Tanaka R. J.
Interface Focus, 2013-02-21; 3(2), 20120090-20120090
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Great Mathematical Biology paper with important biomedical implications!

by David , 26 Mar 11:51

This was such an enjoyable paper to read. It would have been even better coupled with experiments but that said, they do use real data to parameterize their model, which is a huge plus. It points to some interesting hypotheses regarding the mechanism of immune response in atopic dermatitis which are very medically relevant but would require further testing. However, I think it is still extremely relevant to use such silico models to generate new biological hypotheses, which others who might be interested, can follow up experimentally.

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