NONCODE 2016: an informative and valuable data source of long non-coding RNAs

Zhao Yi, Li Hui, Fang Shuangsang, Kang Yue, wu Wei, Hao Yajing, Li Ziyang, Bu Dechao, Sun Ninghui, Zhang Michael Q., Chen Runsheng
Nucleic Acids Research, 2015-11-19; 44(D1), D203-D208
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Landmark paper on non-coding RNAs

by MBitar, 30 Oct 02:09

Noncode is the main initiative for ncRNA functional characterisation, providing description and annotation for such molecules. This paper reports the latest version of the database, with half a million lncRNAs. It is one of the most relevant readings for anyone in the non-coding RNA area.

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