Genomic architecture and evolution of clear cell renal cell carcinomas defined by multiregion sequencing

Gerlinger Marco, Horswell Stuart, Larkin James, Rowan Andrew J, Salm Max P, Varela Ignacio, Fisher Rosalie, McGranahan Nicholas, Matthews Nicholas, Santos Claudio R, Martinez Pierre, Phillimore Benjamin, Begum Sharmin, Rabinowitz Adam, Spencer-Dene Bra...
Nature Genetics, 2014-02-02; 46(3), 225-233
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Reviews and questions

VHL Bisulfite Sequencing

by Aashil Batavia, 26 Feb 13:33

When carrying out Bisulfite Sequencing they state that the methylation status is determined by looking at the "presence or absence of guanine conversion to uracil at CpG sites".

However, Bisulfite conversion converts Cytosine to Uracil so i was wondering why they are looking at guanine conversions?

In addition, the Cytosines do not appear to have been converted in the sequences shown in the attachment taken from their supplementary information.

This led me to be a little confused.

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