A survey on deep learning in medical image analysis

Litjens Geert, Kooi Thijs, Bejnordi Babak Ehteshami, Setio Arnaud Arindra Adiyoso, Ciompi Francesco, Ghafoorian Mohsen, van der Laak Jeroen A.W.M., van Ginneken Bram, Sánchez Clara I.
Medical Image Analysis, 2017-12-01; 42, 60-88
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great review of computational pathology etc

by Andrew Schaumberg, 23 Apr 19:22
This was well-received by our journal club and is the most comprehensive review we've seen of medical image machine learning.  Our lab focuses on computational pathology on H&E slides, but this review covers MRI, chest X-ray images, and more.  There is some introduction of basic machine learning architectures as well.  In reviewing 300+ papers, there is understandably not enough room to go into detail about each, so we had follow-up journal clubs about those.

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