Comparison of clustering methods for high-dimensional single-cell flow and mass cytometry data

Weber Lukas M., Robinson Mark D.
Cytometry Part A, 2016-12-01; 89(12), 1084-1096
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A must-read to those in the field of single-cell analysis!

by Elsa, 03 Apr 18:51

I sincerely wish there were more papers like this one out there. Although this paper does not bring any novelty in terms of new methods to analyse mass cytometry, it does a huge service to the community by comparing 18 different methods on multiple datasets and evaluating them in terms of both efficacy and run-times. Amidst the current reproducibility crisis in science it is refreshing to see researchers putting in effort in replication studies such as this one.This paper helped me find out about methods I had not yet come across and also restored my sanity about certain methods that from my own testing (on their own published data) do not perform as well as claimed in their paper. Weber & Robinson found the same results as I did for some of these methods and this was very re-assuring. The paper is well-written and in my eyes a more meaningful contribution to the area than a lot of useless “novel” methods out there. A must-read to anyone in the field.

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